An open mind

Why I prefer science to religion. (NOTE: I don’t worship science, or atheism, because they are just useful names for what an open minded person can be called by people who have no idea how you can think for yourself instead of using invented gods in your head)
Science can make mistakes, admit to them and change them. new discoveries change our minds on things. It was not until the 1970’s for instance that we found proof of continental drift. We can now prove this with GPS systems, as we can see that the land is moving each year, about an inch.
We only discovered geezers that could be the starting blocks of like on our planet, in 1979.
Science bases its ideas on the latest science, the latest things we know, and we are willing if the proof is provided and shown to be repeatable by other people or scientists we change our minds.
This is why religion is a problem, we have proven and discovered many things in the last 3000 years, such as the earth rotating and orbiting the sun, we know things, have invented things that the ancients 3000 or more years ago would have called impossible. In fact the Greeks didn’t even believe in decimal numbers! The number 0!
Things change, we discover new things, religion stays the same, and becomes more and more incorrect as time goes on, I’d rather be up to date and in the now.

Driverless cars, finally

The future is upon us, finally it is going to happen, the stranglehold the smug, I can pass a test brigade have had on the car is being lifted, cars as a transportation system for everyone is finally going to be a reality.

I read a lot of science fiction, lots of it from the 50’s. Nearly all of it has a scene or two when they punch up on some sort of device a call for a taxi, which takes them to their destination, either self driven or robot controlled (same thing really), but its takes what 60+ years to actually happen. Amazing times we live in.

My only worries about it, are not the same as everyone else’s luddite stupidity about technology ruining our lives, that’s just immature. No its how the programmers will overcome moral dilemmas that the cars may face in everyday situations.

Such as, when if your on a single car road, and if you go off the road, your driver will die, but in front coming towards you is a car containing a family with 2 children in the back, does the car have to make the moral decision to kill you to spare the children. The cars will be able to talk to each other I assume, as that’s how the tech works.

There are many such judgements that the software developers will have to decide upon over the coming years. I welcome our driverless robotic overlords and may finally not have to sit next to smug turd bags who feel superior because they can move a wheel left and right and press some pedals with their feet, but cannot program a micro-controller, or develop a circuit, or even solve a simple algebraic formula.