Blogger and Software engineer:
Bryan Whitehouse (aka Noobenforcer)


So who am I? No seriously, Who am I? Anyone know!

I’m a developer, started out with the Sinclair ZX81 back in the early 80’s, always loved machine code as we called it then, was fascinated with squeezing impossible games into the tiny space that the ZX81 provided. Then I moved onto, ZX Spectrums, Amstrad CPC646’s etc, notice the Z80 processor trend, no, ok, just the geek that is me then.

I discovered the 80×86 machines in the 90’s and began writing silly little graphics demo’s that I never showed that many people outside of my friends and family. Decided it was time to be serious and so went to college to learn to program, and stumbled on micro controllers.

I then spent 10 years writing assembly language for Atmel AVR microcontrollers. I have used many types of microcontroller and also developed a few software and hardware tools. I hope to do more electronics work in the future.

During that time I still had my ambition in mind to start writing games, but never had the time, then Kingdom of Riches came into my life. It had been hacked, one of many times this had happened and the owner wanted to sell, so to my wife’s scepticism I bought it. I went through the PHP code and tidied it up and as much as my knowledge stretched secured the scripts. That was 2006 and I decided to close the game in 2014.

I’m married with a teenage daughter (tetchy as we like to call her) and live in Machynlleth, Wales, UK.

I am also known as both purpenuk and noobenforcer. The noob enforcer, was a nick name I got while running my own PBBG, as I had to weild the ban hammer on n00bs, with two zero’s. n00bs are usually asking advice and saying f-you to any help you try and give them, and are usually total ass hats, so I used to enforce them. The purpenuk thing was based on perpendicular, or straight up. Which is what I am, if you follow me on twitter of facebook, you know this already, lol.

Currently working on a few electronics projects, old school style, with passive devices and logic. May post video’s patronising people at a later date, because apparently I am arrogant, don’t see it myself as I am so brilliant and talented at what I do.

In 2016 started a Open University Maths and Physics degree course. Loving it so far, but then the maths modules haven’t happened yet, and they may fry my brain.

I can be contacted via Email @ support@bryanwhitehouse.com

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