I don’t TV anymore!

For a while now all I have taking time out of my life to watch on TV has been Dr Who. I watched Ep1 of this series, and it was good. I haven’t watched Ep2 and 3. Why? Well I can’t be arsed to watch, it takes time out of what I am doing. I am working on my OU topic, reading, watching my youtube list, listening to podcasts, playing games. TV needs me to pay attention, and I don’t really care. Just don’t fucking care anymore.

TV is dead to me, takes time, needs me to stop doing other things. I’m over it, I just don’t TV anymore, period.

Not sure what they can do to win me back, its all crap, populist rubbish for the lowest common denominator, nothing taxing my brain, I would rather work on some science, maths or something than melt my brain with mindless crap which doesn’t need me to think. TV sets are just gaming screens now.



Author: noobenforcer

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