Blog 12-01-2017 – Extra time

So woke up at 5am this morning raring to go, did some physics note taking, did some note taking from an open learn course I’ve been doing. Then realised I had and extra day, not sure why but I had decided I had 2 days before next topic started and I in fact had 3. So really I have managed to fill a lot into a small time, and have even more free time than I had before. Amazing really, well its amazing to me, so now to get on and see what other to do’s I can do. Or I can procrastinate and tidy up instead of getting some real work done.

Looking forward to getting my teeth into my next topic, could start it now, but that would waste the thinking time, and thinking time is important, over thinking everything is a useful pursuit, no matter what people say, its IS a good thing. Working at the moment at a process for writing up and performing observations in my experiments, I feel chaotic and disorganised and need to get the process down into simple procedures that I can follow each time. Nothing too rigid, but rigid enough to give me a goal and purpose as I go along.

Bag of silica bags came today, so have everything ready for next 2 weeks worth of experiments, but also see that Topic 6 has no experiments, just numbers to study in activities, so seems they thought about the time it would take for the Topic 5 stuff. I love how they have thought of everything, over thinking the whole thing, see it is a great asset for a scientist to over think everything, its why we are alive, we must over think, so we can over plan and fix the broken world, and if not fix the broken world, we can fix our broken selves.


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