Blog 10-01-2017 – Pre-topic panic

Spent today gathering the items I need for the next topic of my course. 5 experiments, with at least a week each of time, gulp. I know if I plan right I can start them all and just mark down the results as I go, then do the proper write ups. Its still causes panic though, on top on this I have to do the actual topic work itself, with all the maths, notes etc. Going to be hectic, guess they took the brakes off on this one, may need more than one head, a couple of more arms, and some calms.

Its all physics though so I can’t really complain as that is the subject I want to be doing, just, ARRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGHHHH! Ah, that was better.

Sorry the post is short and late, but I was busy relaxing with some Assassins Creed – Unity. Hours and hours of fun so far, and more to come I think, and I haven’t even tried any multiplayer of co-op yet.


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