Blog 09-01-2017 – All done now

Everything done for me latest TMA, going to take tomorrow to go over it once more, then decide on submission, has to be in Wednesday, but may do it tomorrow if I consider it done. Then will either move onto the next topic or do some development work I have wanted to do for ages. Time to get back into it, not thought about programming for a few months now, maybe I’ll like it again, as I started to hate it more than I ever thought, even after 38 years of doing it. Not been the same since just about anyone could do it, then they started enforcing stupid rules and frameworks onto everything and it became boring. Like everything that marketing departments get their hands on. Design, programming, all of it is marketing fodder now, all the life sucked out of it, and a dollar slapped onto it to make it dirty.

Have a few things on my to do list that I’d like to clear up, but most probably won’t have the time for once I get back into the modules. Amazing the amount of time in your day disappears once you get studying, hours pass un-noticed. In my own little sciency world without anyone to interfere and ruin my day. Ah, that would be nice, but it will most probably never happen, like everything I have ever thought of for the last almost half a century. Bring on the Summer so I can get out and about in the lonely hills away from everything and everyone.


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