Blog 08-01-2017 – Did it, and did it again

Just a few more notes to write for my latest TMA, completed a iCMA that is due in a couple of weeks, so able to return to my personal, nothing to do with anything note taking from my Biology and Physics study, all good things deserve extra study from extra sources. I want to be good at this, and so it takes a lot more dedication to the field than just getting a course done and marked. Commitment to my future in science is more important than anything else for me. Its all I have now.

Each weekend is going to be hard for the next year, that’s when I usually break open a few beers. I’m going to be tetchy and irritable, no one will notice any difference I know, but at least now I have a reason. Least I’m not a smoker or some other smelly shit habit. Should start to see a downward trend in my weight if everyone who is an expert on my friends list on facebook is correct, we will have to see in the next 12 months, if not, I will not hesitate to tell you all I told you so.

Guess I’ll give up now for the night, get a little sleep, then finish off everything I have left to do tomorrow sometime. Plus maybe some openlearn courses I’ve started. Like I said, dedication to all of this is all I have, my future prospects, if you’re going to do something you should do it 100%, not prat around. Leave that sort of things to the “its only a job” brigade, who love to tell you they don’t care about what they do once work hours are over, that’s just pathetic really isn’t it. Might as well kill yourself if you have no passion for what you do. Seriously.

Well see ya laters alligators.


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