Blog 07-01-2017 – Waiting for the experiment to end

I started my experiment, its going to take 2 hours, with checking measurements every 20 mins, so I started to play some more Assassins Creed Unity while I wait. Its a good game, but it does do some weird things, people walk through each other, and earlier, someone jumped past and a flew over the house I was standing next too. Its a little buggy, they fixed a lot of stuff, but, it still does some really strange things.

My yeast is spilling over now, should have used even bigger glasses, not sure we had any bigger though. Interesting to see the effects of Salt water (salinity) on the growth of yeast. Its always interesting to observe something over time, even if you thought you knew what the outcome would be, it always gives you a few surprises.

Short post tonight, will try and be a bit more interesting tomorrow, actually no, should not promise that, as I am boring 24/7 😉

Laters taters


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