Blog 06-01-2017 – Wow, almost forgot

I am sitting in the living room, typing this on a linux laptop, just 8 minutes before it is scheduled to post. I almost forgot, then the laptop took about 10 tries before it booted, then I couldn’t remember what password I’d used, then chromium took ages to load, an the wordpress site took ages to load, then it sent a code to my phone before it would let me log in. Technology makes your life so much easier doesn’t it.

At least I can see what I am typing now, as I paid £1.50 for some x1.oo glasses from the cheap pound shop place in town. They will probably ruin my eyes, but hey, who cares I’m almost 50 going to die soon anyway, who needs to see. Seeing is for young people, who wants to see everyone you know get old, the more soft focus the better, that’s what I say.

Right 4 minutes to go to posting so I will get back to reading my science book. Relaxation before I do more science work for my OU course, can’t get enough science in your life. STEM is the most important thing we have in the world, and its under threat from political idiots who would rather we go back in time to gods and myths like that. Save it now.


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  1. !.00 reading glasses Bah I wear 1.50 and 1.75 that’s how bad my eyes are and after 50 your hearing starts to turn lol


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