Blog 05-01-2017 – Finishing up

As I sit here typing this and trying to rack my brain for something to write, drinking my first cup of coffee for the day, I am planning and contemplating the experiment I have to do for my next part of the assessment. Then I can hand it in and prepare myself for the next 2 Topics and another assessment, only the 3rd of 5, but guess that means I am almost half way.

I’ve been studying how possible it would be for there to be life on Mars. Interestingly, it changed my mind slightly. I thought Mars was too extreme for life. Let me explain life as we express it, its not people, green, red, whatever, its life as in bacteria, there is no way at all, ever there is anything more complex than bacteria of some kind. In fact when we speak about life anywhere outside of our own planet, we are talking bacteria. Life may be abundant in the universe (we’ve yet to discover it or any concrete proof) but its going to be just life, not complex life. If Earth is special, that is what makes it special, complex life. Us or any other animal or plant, bacteria though may be everywhere.

I discovered extremophiles, I’d heard of them before, just didn’t know the different types, their biology etc. They are tough little mothers, can survive conditions we can only imagine. Some look cute, and yet can go without water, roll into a ball and survive travel in space, to only be revived by re hydrating them, and off they trot on their merry little ways. Amazing little creatures, evolved for survival. Possibly across space and time, we don’t know we haven’t discovered them on another planet or moon yet. There are plenty of project running by NASA and the ESA to try and discover life, some sniffing the atmosphere of Mars for Methane (farts?), some considering dropping probes on Europa one of Jupiter’s moons, where there is a massive crevice that spouts water into space, which is thought may be the way life started on our planet, under water, in hyper-thermal chemical reactions. Which by the way a lab in UK is trying to reproduce right now.

Its a great time to live in, we have so much more to explore, and I’m glad I have chosen this time to begin again as a person, and learn and hopefully eventually be part of this exploration, even at my age, (almost 49). I have a dream, and its to be part of the future, not to live in the past, with prehistoric belief systems and dogma, but technology advancing our view of the universe. Boldly going where no man has been before.


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