Blog 04-01-2017 – Feelings of Gender

We live in the modern age, we don’t any longer live in a time of prejudice, at least we shouldn’t, but we do, and once again it is due to lack of thought and education, when it comes to gender its more about dogma’s created by outdated religious beliefs, dogma’s created by medieval and even prehistoric people’s who didn’t understand why it rained, never mind what a gender model was, yet some people insist on using these outdated beliefs as the basis for their moral compasses in a modern world, where we do know these things. We understand more about genetics, evolution, science etc, we have proof these things are real, we did that by modernisation, not by burning people at the stake because their analysis of the real world did not match the words of some drugged up prehistoric tribe from 3000+ years ago, who though fire was magic, and that the earth was flat.

Gender is something we are only just learning about, many people feel trapped in the gender society has thrust upon them, you have a vagina or a penis, thus you have to be a girl or a boy, but what if you feel like the opposite, or in fact don’t feel like either. What right has anyone to tell these people they are one thing when they feel they are another? No one does. Its not gender swapping, its just wanting to feel like the gender you are, not the gender your genitals are supposed to make you feel. Its pretty simple to understand if you remove the dogma from your life and actually think about it logically, with your brain and everything. Its about education, no one should have to tell you, or convince you, you have to work it out yourself, for yourself, and when you do this there really is only one conclusion you can come to, gender is not physical, it is mental. So end the prejudice promoted by old fashioned ancient religions by people who understood very little about our planet, themselves or the galaxy and universes that surround us, and join the modern age, the now, not the yesterday.


Author: noobenforcer

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