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I used to think, and society seems to agree with this idea, that over thinking is bad. Its not and I will tell you why I have now come to the conclusion that this is the wrong direction to go. Thinking is important, the end. If its positive, negative, mental, over, its all thinking, and that is what is very very important. You should always over think, no matter what. Other wise you are rashly doing things and most probably regretting your decisions. Think, think for a long time, days weeks, but think. If its important enough, and something worth doing, it does not matter how long it takes for you to do it, as long as you do it in a thought out, sensible, correct way, with every last minute part thought out.

Its not as if I have followed ever my own advice, I try but I am impatient and always seem to pick the easy route. Take my current OU course. I could have gone for the IT route, I know that, it would be a breeze, and I’d get a degree in a very simple way, for me, as I’ve been doing the stuff since I was 12. I decided though that I wanted a challenge, I wanted a different direction, I wanted to go with my dream. I’ve always been interested in science, more than anything, but it was something I was told for years, people like me didn’t do. Working class and all that bull. So here I am doing it, I always did well at school in Chemistry, in fact I did it after school too, it was a subject I loved, I wanted to do Physics too but timetable choices meant I could not do it, and Computer science as well, and I chose the latter over the subject I think I would have been better at.

Physics and mathematics is the degree I chose. The Maths bit I feel could trip me up, even more that the fact I am dyslexic too, never let that stop me doing anything before, in fact I have rarely accepted any help for the fact. When I did my Electrical Engineering course I loved the maths, I sort of clicked with it. Same when I moved to Wales and spent a year at college here, maths was the subject I felt I could understand. Its logical, I get logical. So back on present day, the Physics and Mathematics degree I am studying, is a challenge, its making me think, see the first paragraph, that is important to me. I am for the first time in years thinking about things again, thinking about all the things over the years I’ve been told I had no chance of accomplishing, I’m a little frightened, its not going to be easy, but that’s why you have to do these things, I don’t want to regret, I want to do what I always wanted to do, and nothing is going to stop me this time, especially some bullshit class bollocks.

Laters taters.


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  1. I always over think things like home improvement project changing a light bulb takes me days to figure it how im going to remove the cover lol


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