Xbox one S

So its been a month or more since I got an xbox one s in my life. I enjoy the games, getting used to it now. There are problems though, the major one is that sometimes it does not see my network, everything else in the house does, you have to hard reset it (press power button for long time) then everything works again. So many games rely on you having a connection, even on single player its sometimes a bit frustration to have to hard reset, just so you can have a 10 minute game session before bed.

I also dislike the interface, all swipey with no touch, would be great with touch, but with controller, keep selecting wrong things, as you have to remember to go up or down to select the correct place to move left or right, annoying.

Everything else great, love the fact I can stream to PC, and then stream to youtube, with everyday more 360 titles being supported, even those games can be streamed. Excellent, have the perfect setup now for youtube streaming, not tried twitch on PC to see if I can sign into both. Will try it sometime.

In conclusion it sort of feels unfinished. I know it probably is, but some games glitch, crash, menus stop working, controller crashes sometimes. Unfinished.

Anyway, not a hater, one day will get a PS4 and complete the set. Still prefer PC gaming, but xbone stuff is up to the same standard as PC. Maybe get a PS4 play sub or something then won’t need a console. Prefer the xbox 360 controller, did buy spare wired xbone one, but not supported by some PC games, and keeps turning off when I try and stream with it. Oh and did I mention I wanted Local co-op on Halo 5 and they didn’t add it. Have to play alone, as I am Billy no mates, or all my few friends are scared to play along with me.

That’s it for today, ta ta taters.

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