I paid I am entitled!

I see that phrase all the time, someone buys something or pays for a service, but they assume because of this, usually pitiful payment, that entitles the seller/manufacturer to support that product. It doesn’t. Unless you have a warranty that states different, although no warranty or terms of service is in any way legally binding. You bought the product, its yours, you had to research it to see if it was what you wanted, after that, the responsibility is all yours. If you can’t get it to do the thing you wanted, then that was you not researching it correctly. The company that sold it or manufactured it have no responsibility to help you in any way. They probably would if you paid for the support, a lot do anyway, but they don’t have to, they sold it, you bought it, now you use it or send it back for a refund. Simple. (of course if the refund is allowed in your country, even if you voted to no longer be able to do that *cough* brexit)

I know this will piss a lot of people off, but why do you feel entitled to get FREE support. You don’t do work for free, so why should anyone else. Remember that next time you shop, abuse a sale assistant or anyone. They don’t have to help you at all, just pay and STFU.


Author: noobenforcer

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