ROTOM Wednesday whinge #9 – Email support

This weeks whinge is about my week so far. I have had to email two organisations, both have pissed me off so far in different ways. The first I have been in contact with for a couple of weeks, the reasons its taken a couple of weeks is that each time they reset the support ticket, and a different person replies, who doesn’t know my case, mainly due to them shortening the emails sent and leaving off my original email query, so I have to explain myself again, over and over to different people, each not understanding cause they don’t know my original problem. Its annoying because if all the email correspondence was attached they could simply read through and know where we are at, but nope the same thing every time, explain again, then get a reply that does not address my problem.

The second email was to the local council, no reply so far, not even a “your email is in a queue and we will try and answer in the next few days”. Zilch. No idea they got it, if anyone reads the emails or anything. Nothing, totally fucked up customer service right from the outset. I now have to try and not lose my temper with them, when all they had to do was acknowledge they got my email. Fucking stupid.

Its 2016, emails not a new thing, its at least 20 years or more old, yet most of these organisations haven’t a clue. Its criminal that its 2016 and none of the staff there have a clue how to fucking send a simple email.


Author: noobenforcer

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