ROTOM Weekly Journal #7 – Gardening thats all

The title almost has it right, I have been gardening, but its also had a lot of tidying too, getting rid of more hoarded crap, I may use this, keep sort of stuff. Ripping cardboard, compost, shredding letters, compost, and disposing of old computer bits I’m never going to use, mostly plastic cases, keep the components on the PCB’s.

The same sort of thing in the garden, I have broken a lot of tools over the last 10 years, most are thrown in a corner to rot and rust, so I got rid of all of those, composted everything organic I could find, and moved my compost bins to a new place. The garden is looking better and better, but from my side of the garden not the bit people can see. My mom always said you can do what you want in the rest of the garden, as long as the bit everyone walking past can see is clean and tidy. Thus the back garden full of crap, lol. Its not now though. Need more plants with flowers, or different evergreen plants with different coloured leaves. Working on that.

Well that is all, laters taters, enjoy the predicted sunshine next week.


Author: noobenforcer

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