ROTOM Wednesday Whinge #8 – Technology fail

Technology has failed me this week. Got a new hdd for capturing and its been nothing but trouble. It sort of works. I can capture to it… sometimes. Thing is win10 won’t read it, can write to it strangely, but not read. Locks up after a few seconds. I’ve reformatted to see if that works, nothing. Lots of research around the web shows others having the same problem. So not sure if I should just send it back and get the cash back and forget it. Go back to the old way which was seriously flawed too.

Problem is you see, the capture device gives very little indication its working, and it even says its working when I can see its not. I can’t trust it, I have no way of knowing if I am playing for 2hours if it captured any of the footage until I read the drive on the PC. Then there is the fact win10 took away any kind of indication it is doing anything. Try format a drive, and it just sits there looking locked up, no progress bar nothing. It is doing it, just it doesn’t show any progress. Why is UI design going backwards instead of forwards, showing less information to the user rather than more. I know the thickets are being allowed to use computers, but don’t ditch us real users by taking away the useful indicators and info we need to get our jobs done.

Now off to punch the wall a few times.

Laters taters.


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