ROTOM Weekly Journal #6 – Busy Week


Did a lot this week, but not much at the same time, is that even possible. Probably now, but it added a few more words to the blog and that is all that really matters in the end.

We went to Aberystwyth on Tuesday, the girls went to see a film, and I wandered around the beach being harassed every time I napped on a bench for more than 3 seconds. The life of a tramp like mother fucker like me.

Then Friday me and wife went to Llangollen for the day, that was great, apart from the near death experience on the busses on the way home. Its not easy to be driver-less in a world were everyone is meant to drive, hurry the fuck up with self driving cars is all I say. I never want to learn to drive, but it may be something to think about, as much as it makes me angry to think I need to do so. Just use my fucking taxes to make transport better rather than spending it on expensive bombs we’re never going to use, on a non existent enemy we are all meant to be afraid of.

Anyway, I have to go, I only have 480 gamerscore left to get to get my 40k, 50k here I come.

Laters taters


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