ROTOM Weekly journal #5 – Much the same

Spent most of this week playing Destiny and levelling my characters, have a 12, 15 and 31 now. All classes in the normal game, not the DLC. It gets a bit boring to be honest after a while, specially when you feel like me that the story just didn’t go anywhere, and it was just a bit of a rip off to sell packs that to be honest you need because nothing else fucking works. There I said it.

Also played some Avatar the game, not sure about it, but achievements are needed to will keep at it.

Not done much on the electronics side, been thinking about other things, have done some PHP development on a new project, that you will have to watch the game videos to find out about.

So that’s it for this week. Boring I know, but fuck off its my blog not yours, want something more interesting, make your own.

Laters taters


Author: noobenforcer

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