ROTOM Wednesday whinge #6

This weeks whinge is about the media. I see lots of bias, its real bias, newspapers more here in the UK than TV channels or news, as the TV stuff is regulates, and so they have to by law show all sides, or they lose their contracts to broadcast, that means if they show a Labour election ad they have to also show all the other parties ads too.

The US media channels though, wow! How do the citizens of the USA put up with such bias, you all know it exists, they have so many agenda’s, they do as their political master tell them. You can call it democracy as much as you want, but, its worse than the worst tin pot dictatorship, controlling the propaganda so that it worse the way, the boss expects it to work. It makes me realise our media (UK) is fucking fantastic. You guys should vote with your feet and not watch this shit. Make your own news, you have the ability, get a camera and a microphone and get a youtube account and bypass the main stream media now.

Only a little whinge, but I think its an important one.

Laters taters


Author: noobenforcer

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