ROTOM Weekly Journal #4 – End of the streak

Had a good week up until last night, when I dropped the ball and lost my 51 day streak. I’d done well, already have 2 achievements on day 1 of my new attempt. Maybe I can make it to 100 days this time. You never know. Have to have goals in life or you die.

Also this week, managed to kill a mega328 on my arduino board by trying to enter debugwire with my Jtag Ice II. Piece of crap, Atmel need to make it work, or at least not kill my chips. So I bought a new knock off UNO and swapped the chip to my genuine one, was cheaper than getting a chip replacement, if you can believe that. Also found a cheap chip so will have 2 UNO’s. I wasn’t sure if I had seriously damaged it, so needed to be sure first.

I got the 23017 device working, 16 bit IO using I2C, works great, I have a few things in mind for it, just need to think more about it now.

I also managed to get a ton of game video’s recorded, up until August 5th, needs more but should allow me to get on with other things, for a while. I’d like to get up until September so I can take my time on the next bunch and get other games finished.

Oh and I managed to cut the lawns around the front before it rained, only managed to half weed the borders, but it will have to wait now.

Toodle pip, taters


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