ROTOM Wednesday whinge #5

Get out and socialise around real people in the real world. I hear this a lot from the luddites who hate social media and any kind of new technology. The same kind of people who find fault in everything new, you know, everything is bad for you, it can’t be good for you that… Anything you like, they hate, because they are stupid, and they can’t understand why you get it and they don’t, mainly because they are stupid.

When it comes to socialising around real people, I have a fight with myself most of the time to stop myself punching them hard in the face. Hitting them with a brick for being so thick. Does no one have an education anymore? Have they made it illegal to read books, not shitty fiction, real books about history, science and how things have been and are. I don’t socialise because you are all too stupid for me to talk to you. Just hurry up and wipe yourselves off the planet, seems you are pretty good at that shit.

Oh and while I’m at it. Positive thinking and all that bollocks, over that, it doesn’t work. Just get on and suck it up buttercup, life is shit, you are the only one who can change that, and if you don’t you are one of the ones I want to punch in the face.



Author: noobenforcer

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