ROTOM Weekly Journal #3 – Gaming, coding and ciphers oh my.

 So this week I have been mostly gaming, fiddling with electronics components and reading up on ciphers.

Most of my gaming time has been on Rainbow Six Vegas, Dead space and on Android Fallout shelter. On Fallout shelter they added quests and I’ve been trying to up my population so I can get an overseer’s office, you need that to do the new quests. Almost there now, should have it by the time this post goes up.

Electronics, I’ve been playing with a motor controller board, it can control 4 DC motors, using I2C I think. Its my first Arduino shield, so not looked into detail yet, it has a 74HC595 on it, which is ironic as I was playing with those devices last week. Also have some 16bit IO chips which I’ve not got around to playing with yet, but will the next few days.

The cipher book I got cheap from the charity shop, and I decided it would be a good programming exercise to try and recreate each cipher in C++. Will post the code some time. May even be a series of video’s in that one too.

I’m catching up on the video uploads, should be back on a decent schedule soon, been a bit lax lately, not been feeling up to a lot of things, but I’m over that now and onwards and upwards we go once again. Hopefully the sun will come back out and I can sit in the garden, in between weeding and cutting lawns etc.

Right that’s all for now, Laters taters


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