ROTOM Wednesday whinge #4

Today’s whinge is about me. Bet your surprised about that aren’t you. Its more about my name. My name is Bryan, with a y, got used to saying that over the years, with a y. Usually I get blank stares, With a Y? It started when I was at primary school. A teacher sent me home with a note to my parents, the note pointed out that my name was spelt wrong, and it should be spelt Brian. There started the slippery slope. Even people who have known me for all my life spell it Brian, even though they should know better. Its not that hard is it.

When I went to high school my drama teacher, yes we had one of those even that far back in time, was quite happy with my name being spelt with a y because she always put down brain, when she tried to spell Brian, so to her it was the greatest thing me having the alternate spelling. To end on a positive note.

Laters taters


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