ROTOM Wednesday whinge #3

This weeks whinge is about money. I used to get told a lot by my parents and their generation, that is was much cheaper to buy things in their era, you could go out for a night with a pound and come back with change. Sounds fantastic doesn’t it. Well they only got paid about 5 pound a week, which was about average for the time. So average now is about 250 per week, so the same thing for us would be going out with 50 pound, guess what, I’d be pissed off if I didn’t come back with change from 50 quid. See what I am alluding too. They never take into account inflation.

Governments do it too, just been listening to “Today in Parliament”, minister said that his government had paid more money into the National Health Service that the previous government. Well yeah of course shit head, inflation makes yours look like a bigger amount of money, but is it more or just adjusted by inflation. If I cared enough to check, its possible the larger amount is actually less once adjusted. We’re all number numpties, well you are, and so they can pull the wool over our eyes very easily.

The conclusion is, money now is the same as then, but sounds bigger. It may be less that it was even if it seems bigger.

Laters taters.


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  1. People get paid less today The same job I had 25 years (as a factory worker) was $12 an hour Now after 2 company take overs the same job is now $8/hr 😦


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