ROTOM Wednesday Whinge #2

Selecting subjects for this post is going to be a hard thing. Its not about what to whinge about its more to do with what should I stop whinging about. There are so many things, but most of them would piss off everyone I know, because its about them. All of them.

That’s the point though isn’t it. No one is as perfect as yourself, and even then you beat yourself up about the most trivial things. I’m clumsy. I bump into things, drop things, break things, pull things off shelves whilst looking at something else, many things that annoy the fuck out of me, I really do piss myself off.

I’m the same when playing video games too, why don’t I look around more, look up, look down. Stop wandering around in circles, in fact keep any kind of information in my head for more than a few seconds, its like I am just trying to piss myself off 24/7.

I’ve tried to organise myself, take notes as I go, to remember stuff, it doesn’t work, I don’t learn. Yet I do soak up information later. What I don’t learn now, or remember, strangely, weeks later pops into my head. Entire conversations I couldn’t remember 3 seconds after they happened, are there in full weeks later, and forever. So this weeks whinge is me, I am such a fucking idiot.

Ta ra taters


Author: noobenforcer

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