A new log

So today I started a new log, I’ve been keeping a journal since I was at school. I prefer the word to Diary, as Diary sounds like a stomach bug. Anyway, I decided recently to create a new log I call my development log, its a collection of my thoughts and ideas to do with the electronics, C++ programming, PHP, anything dev related. Just me thinking by fountain pen rather than keeping it all in my head, it should allow me to have more space for thinking new things, after clearing out the old stuff, will see in the coming months how that works out. I have lots of ideas as the day goes by, questions appear in my head, queries on things, and putting them down on paper will be useful, in the future and now, as I can read them back in years to come and maybe get fresh ideas from the old ideas, or finish something I thought of and never went anywhere with. It can only help I feel. No one else will understand it all I guess but its for me and me only, like no one has ever seen my personal journal.

I’m trying new things, trying to broaden my knowledge again, and to try to just do all those things I have question on, what would happen stuff, well want to know what would happen, try it and see, fail a few times, and learn from those mistakes and get better at it. Start practising what I preach, write it down, so I can go back and see what I did and try and understand why it failed. Something I should have most probably been doing all along, but sometimes I can be a bit slow to catch on, you know.


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3 thoughts on “A new log”

  1. Well Log can also mean the day after your Diary stomach bug When you get back to normal lol


  2. Oh yeah that reminds me of Captain Kirk always started out with “Captains Log Stardate 2016427” in your case would be “Whitehouse B log stardate …… ” P.S. Yes I know you thik the old Star Trek shows was shite I’m just trying to prove a POINT–LESS conversation with you SORRY 😦


  3. Yes here I am again feel free to ignore me but you should get one of those mini tape recorders for your ideas or when your at school and the HeadMaster /Mistress is talking to fast… Bodie out


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