Typical things that happen

Life is random, totally random, there is no sequence, no such thing as a plan, stuff just happens, but sometimes the randomness falls in such a way that it seems like its planned. The whole reason the religious nutters (and I mean all of them) think there are flying pixies controlling everything, they cannot understand that randomness can sometimes be thought to have some kind of path, when in fact we as humans create paths from randomness and convince ourselves they are real. We all know, and if you don’t why are you even reading this, that our brain creates for itself a good 33% of everything we see, hear, think, it makes it up, it has to, its not capable of the speeds our live run at, or see things at etc. I laugh when I see people say, I’ll believe it when I see it, because how do you know that you saw it, if your brain made up 33% of what you saw. Randomness of just how things are. Pattern recognition and decoding is a totally different thing, and should be kept separate.

Anyway, randomly I bought Borderlands for the 360, then Microsoft gave it away as a free game for gold users. I bought Saints Row IV, now they give that away. I may have to stop buying games completely, if they keep this up. Now back to it, I have a massive backlog of games to finish off.

Laters taters.


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