Mind has been away

Been racking my brain for days for something to write here. Its been ages. I have had little I wanted to share, unless your into suicide notes and stuff. Sometimes its just best to keep it all in and get over it in time, which is what I have done. After all I don’t want people to say I have hipster depression do I, or to be told just because I have intelligence it doesn’t mean I am right about anything. We wouldn’t want that would we.

So I start once again to try and post on a regular basis. No false deadlines, not schedule, just when I can. I will try and be more interesting than this post. I will also stop posting so many video’s, its not working either here or on youtube, so there seems little point to it, at the moment there seems little point in anything I do. That is the way it is I guess.

Laters taters, and PS. Enjoy the sun if your getting it.


Author: noobenforcer

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  1. Go with your flow, follow your own creek don’t let me and someone else tell you when what stream to take it may run into a waterfall then youll be down shit creek WITH a paddle Ok I shuteth up the nonsense talk now stupid idiot Jose


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