Delayed post

Where have you been? Answer: Here, all the time, just been lazy.

Spent the last few weeks, playing games, as its hard to keep up with YT posting, harder than you think. The rest of the time, because I do have more time for other things than gaming, it may seem as though that is all I do, but I don’t. Anyway, I have been teaching myself how to program an STM32F103 device. Getting each of the peripherals to work, along with hours of making software actually allow me to compile and upload to it. I decided to use the Arduino STM32 library even though I think the Arduino IDE is a pain in the ass. Learnt a lot so far. It also keeps my mind off other things going on in my life.

I also wrote some code for a 4x8x8 LED matrix display on my UNO. A scroller like the bitch that I am. I’m experimenting with a lot of stuff at the moment, both electronics and ordinary C++ programming. Using the K.I.S.S. methodology, lots of little console apps doing little things, that I need for the big things I want to attempt. Way I see it, if I write the code small and fiddle till I am happy with it, it should be easy to add the stuff to the major real code later on, specially if I force myself into class creation etc. OOP’s and OOD reading is going on in my house 18/7 per day. I’ve had the Stroustrup book for years, and read it a few times, but recently its started to make a lot more sense, even though I’ve done this shit for 20 years now, sometimes you get a brainstorm and everything becomes even easier than it was before.

With the games still to play, and the books to read, both fiction and non-fiction, there are not enough eyes, hands and hours in my life. I welcome our robot overlords, please make me a cyber activated mind experiment, I need an SD card reader on the side of my head, so I can learn and read faster.

Laters taters


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