Singing and dancing monkey boy

Gillan – Sleeping On The JobThe music industry is dead, has been for a while, the populous expect instant hits, instant artists, what they get are singing and dancing monkey boys (or girls), no talent other than to perform. They get given a song and they perform it, they get told how to sing it, how to dance, and a video and off they go onto TV and perform. Then within weeks their fame wavers slightly and off to the slag heap they go. Next!

Real music from real artists comes from a slog, from discovery, from not being able to play that well. Yes, not technical proficiency, that ruins music, makes it boring. A real musician learns their instrument, not music, they get it to sound nice, they get nice sounds, find words that fit, create music from their imagination. As they slog the music circuit, being rejected for years as they learn what the sound should be more like, they grow, they become professional, then their talent comes out, if they had none, it doesn’t, if they did they become Lemmy, or David Bowie, or who ever. Its not instant, its a growth.

Music is dying because too many people want fame, not enough want their music to mean something. The population of music lovers are bored, they listen to old stuff like I do and wish their was something better. If you have never heard anything better then yes, what is around now is better, but introduce these people to good music and they soon ditch the new and realise its manufactured rubbish. I pray for the day the next punk appears and spits in the face of the likes of Simon Cowell, rich bastard who cares about the money, and cares zero for music.


Author: noobenforcer

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