Forward to war I

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Wishful thinking

Ok, so I watched Phantom menace when it was released at the cinema, because my boss paid for all of the work force to go to the cinema to watch it, he was into that, moral boosting team building bullshit that happened in the nineties, he took is bowling and to the pub and stuff. Anyway I saw the film, I think I’ve seen parts on TV but I’ve not see it in a long time. We now own the 1,2 and 3, I’ve decided to watch them all finally. Wife too, she has no choice, I’m tying her to the chair. I’m going to see Force Awakens for the second time on Saturday, hopefully. I know I’m behind, and I know you will tell me not to bother, but hey, since when did I ever do what anyone told me to do.

Apart from that I’ve been watching “The Man in the High castle”, because I can. Weird seeing the stars on the stars and stripes replaced with a swastika, almost like we got a glimpse of the Donald Trump future, when the USA finally got around to betraying its fascist roots, after all they funded the real Nazi party, why not make their own. We all live in America, America, its vunderbar. (spelling)

Laters taters.


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