Be nice, or I may die

ROTOM Vlog 0005 – Visiting the ChapperpersonI try to be positive, its not easy, but sarcasm works better when it sounds negative. I like sarcasm, although most people don’t get it, you get hurt looks, or confused looks, or a punch in the face. I just find it funny. It makes you think though when you see so many people dropping like flies around you and in the media, being nice, may be best. Its not easy, I know. What would you care if I died tomorrow and you’d been a complete bastard to me, its not as if it effects you, does it? Try your hardest to be nice, or it may be too late later. Soon I will be 30h, and it always makes me think about death, and that I survived another year.

Getting to play some video games tonight, no vids to voice over, although its one of the seven, or a couple of them, will see how I roll. Lucius or Gat out of hell. I installed Brutal Legend too, but that would be for pleasure, and getting the rest of the collectibles and achievements, you know unlocking all those bound up dragons and things. Driving around listening to most of my record collection, its like they read my playlist. Apart from the Scorpions, fucking hate that band.

Right I’m going to get on with it. Talk again tomorrow, maybe, laters taters.


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  1. Why hate Scorpions you Why? 😦 I’ve seen them in concert the most Don’t tell me you hate Flock of Seagulls too 😦 😦


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