Video game watching! Why?

WStreaking in video gameshy do people watch other people playing video games? A question on the lips of a lot of people I talk to. They don’t get it, most people don’t get it, even some gamers don’t get it. I do it too, I watch a lot of other people playing video games, cause video games are fun, and part of the fun is seeing how other manage to get past that 100x bigger boss that you struggled with, seeing them taking the ‘P’ out of their team mates in multiplayer, seeing them lose their shit when the game is so hard and they keep being killed over and over by doing that same stupid thing, even though they know they are doing it wrong. Its fun. You then go play it yourself, its the best advert for the game ever, watch someone else play, see a game you probably didn’t care for, and get into it, buy it and be as frustrated as they are. Its fun, shall I say it again.

Its fun. fun! Remember that word, it was what TV was like once, before they started working hand in hand with the anti-depressant marketing guys and turned everything into a depressing bunch of shit, murders, fights, bad talent shows, and 24 hour news showing that the world is crap and the best thing you can do it kill yourself, or get our latest anti-depressant, it will make you feel better, and turn you into a non thinking complaint drone like everyone else.

See you tomorrow, taters.


Author: noobenforcer

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