Todo and relax

First gamesHave a few things on my to do list today, after spending most of last night updating MSstudio, all the things I need to dev Android apps on there, prefer that to the shite Android Studio, which frustrates the hell out of me, mainly because it can’t even compile its own example files. Grrrr. MSstudio is now up to date, and I have monogame installed, so should be able to do some playing with it later, after recording some game stuff, as I only have 3 days more uploaded, had the holidays off.

Have other things on my todo, mainly household things, and spring cleaning very early, trying to make some room, so I can move things around, and build a better place for my recordings, too cramped at the moment, need more elbow room

Been for a walk around town, popped into a few shops, and looked, did not buy, then got some grub at the co-op and went home. Coffee, blog and relax.

Later taters.


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