Thinking day

wp-1449142499585.jpegIts a new year, and because I’ve made the decision to start writing a game again, my head has been full of ideas, have paper full of them now, have still got everything from KoR and the other 3 games too, and I want to use all of them if I can, maybe not 100% first day, but have a lot to be getting on with. The games will be on Android and Windows if I can share the code between them, I’d like to be able to write one set of code for both, don’t mind having to recompile the code for each, but writing separate code becomes a pain to maintain. I’m concentrating on one game idea at first, mainly as I have a million different game ideas, and I can get carried away, although, I write everything down, so I can stop thinking about them. Not easy to do.

Then there are the electronics projects I want to do, I have no work, so I have 18 hours per day to fill, I will never say I have no time to do anything ever again. I have more than I need, So I can do multiple things, and I will be. I want 2016 to be the most productive year I have ever had, and I have no idea how much I can get done by its end.

The youtube channel subs don’t grow very quickly, even though I do the same as everyone else, play games and talk, no one seems to sub, I won’t give up, its been 3 years or more now, but approaching my birthday again, and that was when I started the game channel. Hope to kick off the talky channel soon, as a separate channel, which has 2 subs, still need inspiration on that, but maybe discussing the dev of the games and electronics will go there. Not sure yet.

Anyway, going to get back to it, have a good day, Laters taters.


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  1. Such Great News to start the day!! cant wait to start playing the Game πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


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