Happy new year, 2016

Hello anyone reading, hope you had a good set of holidays, and even if you worked in retail, you had some days off to compensate for having to serve all those total dicks you know will ruin you day, just because they work in construction or something, and think that makes them one up on the work scale to you. When in fact any wage slave is just that a slave, not able to live their life the way they want because some corporate twonk won’t pay you enough to live on.

This took a turn already didn’t it. So most of my New years day was spent trying to work out how to wire up a TFT touch screen to my STM32 module without having wires dangling in my way all the time. Still not worked it out yet. Also tried to get some bit banging SPI code to work, but one of the pins didn’t want to work, and it had to be the clock pin, now swapping back to HDWR SPI, even though I wanted to not have to do that. We shall see how the week progresses, although, its Saturday now, so may not work again until Monday. Unpaid work of course, no one will employ a genius like me, I make them look bad 😉

Have a few ideas for things to do in 2016, lots on the Android tablets, It seems the perfect platform for a PBBG like KoR, but of course it can’t be KoR as that domain is gone, and there was a PC adventure game made just before I closed it down, so its not possible to bring that back, although I do own another domain and a name, and that would work just as well. Got to fiddle with Android coding for a bit first, around other things, which I won’t mention yet, until its 100% confirmed.

Also have some ideas for PC store game versions of apps too, maybe even something on steam, depends on if I pull my finger out and get them done. I am hoping to be a lot more productive in 2016, as I’ve been lazy since shutting down KoR. Apart from the video editing of millions of game play things on my youtube channel. I also have a pretty good setup for making vids live, and hope to do more streams and build things from that. We shall see were that takes me.

Big shout out though goes to my best supported, even though KoR exists he still supports everything I do, Jose, he is the best, and I hope to post more fun things the next year to show how much I appreciate his support, wish I had more like him, but I understand that we freaks are few and far between. Hope you had a good holiday and all that jazz. Lets also hope that out favourite famous musicians stop dying for a year, just to have a bit of a break.

Also, note to my relative, please don’t die. Can’t afford the train fair for the funerals 😉

Anyway, laters taters, speak again later today maybe, or three.


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