Quite sad day

Today was the day of the funeral for my wife’s aunt. Got up early to take her to the station so she can make the journey over to Birmingham for the funeral. Informed by tweet reply on her progress.

Its been a quite day without her, as its not beginning to get dark, I’m getting nervous about her, I know she is an adult, but I want her to be safe, she is the best thing in my life and I want her home safe and sound with us.

My green screen came, well its a piece of material, its just hanging by pins at the moment, and doesn’t really work as I want, I need better lighting and stuff to get it usable with Chroma key stuff in OBS. Will work for a nice background for now. Want to start recording stuff from my PC, and posting them on the youtube channels. Not sure what yet, may ask a few people if they want to skype with me and record, see how that works out.

Right, going to worry some more,

Laters taters


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