Pitter patter

I’m writing this blog, my first for quite a while, watching youtube video’s, full length ones, which apparently nobody does, although most seem to have a lot of views, anyway, we all know that’s bullshit. Its raining, I can hear it hitting the tiles on my little office roof. I call it an office but its really not, it works for me though.

What ya been doing? I’ve been playing games and reading books. That’s what. Also preparing stuff for my future video project. Not sure how it will work out, but that is how everything I do these days, yet I don’t moan about it online, like some do, and I don’t devalue everyone else’s work, because my work must be better than theirs, even though no one watches, hate that sort of shit, alienate your viewers as stupid because you haven’t managed to get through the 1000’s per second of video’s uploaded a day. Its a slow build. I have 1 sub on my main channel and 24 on the other, yet I get 100’s of views, that’s better than zero.

Will try and post more, so you get kept up to date. More experiments in learning, which may or may be helpful. Hoping to do more twitch streaming soon, although it will be PC games only until I can save £100+ for a streaming capture dev, not far away now, if things work out. Posts to my game channel are going well, seems to be popular, more than my 30 minute vid’s anyway, so that’s the way to go I think.

Ok, laters taters


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3 thoughts on “Pitter patter”

  1. Well to tell you the truth (which I never do “LIAR”) The 30 min ones seem longer. I can watch maybe half a day then later finish it. While the 10 min seem faster I can watch 2 once I watched 5 in a row (Darkness 1) Go figure? Well those are my 2 farts or cents (I am “LYING” again lol “HEEHAW see you in the funny papers


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