9v battery powered TFT on STM32


Working well, but, is very power hungry, so not sure crappy 9v battery I am using can cope with that, it may be the 7805 I’m using, needs a 78L05 which I don’t have yet. Least it works, not sure if I should be using 5v though, may need to be 3.3v, experimentation still continues. No real project here, just learning, and that’s what matters the most in life, keep learning, that way your brain doesn’t get old and you have to kill yourself.

See I do other things that play video games, although its ok to do both. I sleep about 6 to 8 hours per day, so that leaves at least 16 to 18 hours to play games, electronics, code in C#, read and spend time with family. Its just about using that time rather than wasting it doing things that don’t matter anymore. Like fb.

Laters taters


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  1. Probably don’t need the caps either as the power from the battery is quite stable, ie, not AC. Will hunt around for a 7803, to swap to 3.3v and see if everything still works, and battery breath is saved. Yes I said breath, when you detach the battery it has to catch its breath, yeah I know I’m weird.


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