No more games posts

Another failed experiment, I will stop posting gameplay stuff here on the blog when the Darkness II stuff ends. It doesn’t mean not more gameplay video’s just no more posts on the blog from the youtube channel. Its not doing anything, so not worth the extra work, and I don’t need extra work, when I don’t get any benefit from it.

Not sure what to do with the blog at all anymore, will have to have a think about that.

I will be posting shorter video’s to the youtube channels, 15mins in size, maybe 2 a day.

Nothing is worth doing if it adds time you could be using for something else. Reducing my internet presence as I don’t get anything from it anymore, so if I stop, you may not even notice.

Laters taters.


Author: noobenforcer

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1 thought on “No more games posts”

  1. OMG at first i read no more Game I almost had Explosive Diarrhea. Then I continued reading lol For a minute there I was about to send you the bill for the cleaning 😉


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