Plenty of time

One of the most annoying things about me, and you probably have a much bigger list, but please keep it to yourself, I have a big list about you too. Anyway what is the most annoying thing about me recently is that I don’t think I have enough time for anything, even though I have all the time in the world. I sit wasting my time so much, and I don’t understand why that is. Its something I am trying to fix. I wasn’t always like this, must be old age. I don’t have to sleep, I can carry on working, I don’t have to watch that podcast, I can leave it until I want to watch it.

So I hope to get a lot more done. Been playing with the old KoR code, of course I don’t own the domain and stuff anymore, so would have to rename and do something different, but its amazing to look at code you wrote almost 10 years ago and say to yourself, boy, that was pretty good. I didn’t realise it at the time. Maybe I should be more confident in my own abilities, its hard though, as there are so many people willing to put you down, or brag about how much better they are than you. People with less than you seem to be able to go through life with everything falling into their laps and I have to work so hard for the very little I get out of life. Unfair, but some of us have the pleasure of knowing we did it ourselves and succeeded, not on the never never, paid up in full mine. Makes a big difference in your confidence in yourself I’d say.

Right waffling now, so will get off.

Ta ta taters


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