Fallout 4, not yet, thanks and all

The new fallout game is out. I’d most probably get the PC release, but will wait. Mainly for my own reasons. First it most probably won’t work that well, they never do, lock ups, save corruption, falling off the edge of maps etc etc etc, all things fallout related since 3.

It took me years to like 3, I played it many times and hated it, could not for the world of me see why anyone would want to play it, you could not do anything, you die every other step, everyone else could one shot you, and it took 100’s of bullets sometimes to kill someone. It was a nightmare, and all i did was throw my controller around in rage.

Then Skyrim came along, and the same frustrations came to light, but I continued regardless as the combat seemed more useful in that game, its basically the same thing as fallout in a different time. I got better, really enjoyed the story and that lead me to re-appraise 3.

So I started to understand Fallout 3, I played it again last year or 2013, I’ve played so many games in the last 2 years its becoming a bit of a blare, anyway, I played and started to get it, then Fallout New Vegas GOTY was on sale so I bought that. I finished 3 and all its DLC, in fact I still play it, achievements abound still, and there are still locations I have not visited, same goes for Skyrim, Borderlands, Borderlands 2, Fallout New Vegas etc etc. I still play them all, because I feel the need to be a completest. I still stumble upon the odd new quest which leads me to a 4 or 5 hour session.

So Fallout 4, not yet, thanks and all, I still have Fallout 3, Skyrim, Borderlands, Borderlands 2, Fallout New Vegas to finish first. Feel free to put it on an 85% off sale soon steam old chum, because as we all know, physical media is dead and the cloud rules.

Laters taters


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