Close to the nuckle

Yet again I find myself sitting in front of a blank blog post because I still haven’t taken the time to sit a write anything in advance. Mainly due to spending time holding hands watching movies on the TV with my wife. Its something we do a lot, something that we don’t have to say out loud, because it just is. Although now I have, damn.

We just watched the movie “Guess who’s coming to dinner”, Sydney Poitier, fantastic movie, but very hard in 2015 to hear the N word bandied around on both sides, but its a tightly written, fantastically acted movie, and it made me tear up. It was beautiful. It makes me wonder how my family would have reacted to me bringing home a black girl. I doubt I would have been as nice about their bigotry as Sydney was, I have a zero tolerance for such things. To me humans are humans, and colour never enters into it, I like someone or I don’t, simple as that. You have a friend for life or you will never know me.

Attitudes to race have changed, but we are still fighting off that generation, still waiting for them to die. We are also still creating uneducated casual racists too, all though they are more subtle, because they know they have to watch what they say, or the authorities will get them. They say “our own”, when they mean “fuck anyone different” or, “I’m not a racist but…”. When you tell them what they are suggesting is racist they act all innocent as though it never crossed their minds. It makes me angry, and makes me realise the reasons such people are no longer a part of my life. Take your hate to the grave, I don’t listen to haters.


Author: noobenforcer

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