F it I’ll Do it live

Its Friday, and I ran out of blog posts, I’d written a few in advance, but have been so busy thinking stuff, that I forgot to keep them up to date, so now I am rushing to write some to fill the gap, considering that I have a full couple of months of gameplay video’s uploaded already. Yes I know, giving it all away, I do not in fact play games every day of my life, I play in large spurts and edit those spurts into half hour ish video’s to put up for you to watch, not that anyone actually does that.

This week though I made a massive life changing decision and planned for my next 20 years or so. Scary shit really, but only the same as when you first leave school and have to plan from then on, I hadn’t planned this far ahead back then, I was doubtful I’d make it to 30 never mind approaching 50 at great speed. So its come as a bit of a shock that I have to plan some more. I hope I’ve made the right decision, won’t tell you anything yet, maybe in a few years, I plan to carry on posting, you won’t get rid of me that easy, unless WP goes bankrupt anyway.

So talk later taters.


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