Windy, and I want to garden, sit.

One of the pleasures of living where I do, is the sunny weather, and sitting outside in the sun, working rather than sitting inside working. Its only May but I am yearning to do the sitting in the sun thing, but its not happening yet, we have sun, but we also have wind, we have wind indoors too, but that is the beans. So I want out. To cut the lawn, to weed, to work, to weed some more, to have random chats with my neighbours, and get pawed and clawed by my cats. It’s what I do. I’m almost 50 and I do jack shite, other than sit, soak up the sun, and whine about my life being crap.

I usually have plans for the garden, but it ends up being more effort than I really care about. I may be alone in that idea, but I do know I have zero work ethic, I’d rather not do anything than do something. Maybe one day someone will recognise my non-active life style and reward me with mountains of money, but I doubt it, I will die, sitting in my chair, in the sun, with the cats taking the opportunity for a free meat meal and nibbling on my dead carcass.

I don’t TV anymore!

For a while now all I have taking time out of my life to watch on TV has been Dr Who. I watched Ep1 of this series, and it was good. I haven’t watched Ep2 and 3. Why? Well I can’t be arsed to watch, it takes time out of what I am doing. I am working on my OU topic, reading, watching my youtube list, listening to podcasts, playing games. TV needs me to pay attention, and I don’t really care. Just don’t fucking care anymore.

TV is dead to me, takes time, needs me to stop doing other things. I’m over it, I just don’t TV anymore, period.

Not sure what they can do to win me back, its all crap, populist rubbish for the lowest common denominator, nothing taxing my brain, I would rather work on some science, maths or something than melt my brain with mindless crap which doesn’t need me to think. TV sets are just gaming screens now.


Tom Clancy’s The Division ( Free weekend almost over :( )

Been playing this game for the last few days, while it is free on xbox live. Really enjoyed what I have played so far. Some of the bosses feel a bit hard when you haven’t had much chance to get your weapons upgraded, or the special abilities and stuff, but I powered through, I have patience enough to die lots until I succeed. Now have turrets and things, and that makes things easier.

Only have today left to play, so guess I won’t finish much more, well a bit but not the full game in time. It’s huge it seems. I may think about buying it in the future, but as I have many many games still to finish up, like the assassins creed games, unity and the free one last month. Walking dead season 2, and of course the full time suck, Elder scroll online.

Will play some more, as I AM having fun. Best of all, no recording and so can have fun, rather than worrying about how the recording is going etc. I may do more of that, as the channel hasn’t really taken off yet, why struggle to play games for recording, when I can play for fun, and not worry about how I do.

Anyway, back to the game. TTYL

PS. Taking weekends off posting the last two weeks, so I can have some fun again, as its getting boring.